Dear friend,

Music can be inspiring. It can be comforting. Songs can make us sad and they can make us feel happy. According to this video that talks about the benefits of music, it can even help our memories.

One of my favorite things

The type of music I listen to varies based on what mood I’m in and what task I am doing. When I am writing or reading, I prefer instrumental music that fits the kind of thing I’m writing or reading. If I’m writing a scene that has a lot of action, I like to put on some epic film scores. If I’m reading a book, I’ll listen to some quiet piano or solarpunk music.

When I’m looking for a story to write, listening to music is one of the things I do to find inspiration.

I’ll often find songs that make me think of a certain scene in a story that I’d like to write, or even inspire a storyline. One of the songs that inspired a scene in the novella I am writing is called “Heather On The Hill” by Nathan Evans (yes, it’s for a romantic scene).

People who use music for inspiration

Dancers use music to inspire movement. There are tons of different styles of dance, but somebody had to come up with the moves.

Some people have something called synesthesia, which means their brain translates one sense (like sound) as more than one sense (like sound and color). There are several artists, like Melissa McCracken, who are able to paint the sounds they hear. They draw inspiration directly from listening to music and how they perceive it, creating beautiful artwork.

Even if you don’t have synesthesia, you can still draw inspiration from music.

Next time you listen to a song, what stories could you write based on the words? Or what picture comes to mind when certain instruments are played? When you listen to an instrumental track, what words would you put to it?


R. J. Catlin