Dear friend,

That’s what I was thinking about today.


Friends have a powerful influence over our lives. They have inspired me to live better. They have helped me solve creative problems. Choosing who your friends are is important. My friend Vella wrote an excellent article about the importance of friendship and community in our lives that you can read here.

Good friends inspire you to grow

When I began my writing apprenticeship, I was struggling with focus and speeding up my writing process. My friend Alli (you can visit her website here) encouraged me to tell our mentor about my ADHD. She reminded me that he might even have suggestions that would help me. (It turned out she was right. Who would have guessed?)

My friends and I often share what God is teaching us in the Bible, and more than once, something they have said has taught me as well.

Me and my friends in Florida

Friends inspire you to have adventures

I can’t tell you how many adventures and new things I wouldn’t have done if I didn’t have friends to do them with me, whether it’s because I wouldn’t have thought of it or just wouldn’t have been brave enough to do it on my own.

Two years ago, a friend suggested going to Universal and Disney in Florida for a week together. I’ve always wanted to go to Disney. But it never occurred to me that I could just do it until she started planning the trip. And I had an incredible experience that I wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for her.

Friends are good problem solvers

Just last week, I was working on a story and couldn’t figure out how to fix a plot hole. Just a few minutes of talking with my friends helped me solve the problem. They didn’t come up with the answer themselves, but the questions they asked helped me think of the solution I needed.

And I’ve done this for my friends as well. Sometimes, people just need help talking out a problem to see the solution.

Think of a problem that you have right now, and go talk to a friend about it. You may be surprised at the solutions you come up with.


R. J. Catlin